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Five Bible Reading Plans for 2012

December 23, 2011


As I said on Wednesday, it is important for youth pastors to have a grasp of the Bible as a whole. And the best way to get a big-picture grasp of the whole Bible is to read the whole Bible in a year. That said, here are my 5 recommendations for Bible reading plans for […]

3 Reasons to Read the Bible in a Year

December 21, 2011


If you are a youth pastor or youth worker, one of your primary purposes is to teach the Bible to students. Sure, your responsibilities may include event planning, budgeting, organizational work, and other behind the scenes stuff, but ministry is about creating and developing disciples of Jesus Christ, and that is only done through the […]

Using Evernote Hello in Youth Ministry

December 7, 2011


Evernote, the company behind the amazing memory app of the same name, is at it again. This morning, they announced a new free app for the iPhone: Evernote Hello. This free app is designed to help you remember new people, by storing their contact info, taking a picture of their face, and saving the location […]

Free eBooks for Youth Ministry

December 5, 2011


Updated: Thursday, January 19, 2012 I am a big fan of eBooks. They take up hardly any space, are often cheaper than physical books, can be purchased and downloaded instantaneously, and can be read on a variety of devices. Categories for eBooks There are several types of eBooks out there. The first type of eBooks […]

2011 Christmas Gift Guide for Youth Workers

November 30, 2011


If you know a youth pastor, worker, or volunteer, and you want to get them a gift this Christmas season, look no further than the 2011 Christmas Gift Guide here at Youth Pastor Gear. Below, you will find gift ideas for technology, books, and resources that youth workers will love. There are gifts for all […]

How to Preach with an iPad

November 28, 2011


This past Sunday, I had a chance to preach at church. When I preach, my sermon prep and presentation follow a standard routine: I manuscript the sermon, then practice it 3-5 times, and then I preach mostly from memory, only referring to the printed manuscript for Bible verses or for specific wording. This time I […]

5 Bible Reference Books for Youth Ministry

November 21, 2011


In my Adult Bible Fellowship, we are going through a series on how to study the Bible. This past Sunday, we took a look at some of the extra-biblical reference material out there. I brought out some of my resources that are designed for a more general audience. For most people in the ABF, these tools […]