Developing a Social Media Strategy for Your Youth Ministry

Posted on January 18, 2012


Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are powerful communication and community building tools you can use for your youth ministry. But before you dive in headfirst into the social media world, you need to think through how you will use them in your ministry. Who will you be communicating to? What will you be communicating: calendar of events, summaries of youth group lessons, or reaching out to local unchurched students? And which social media sites will you be using?

The guys at ChurchMag – which is THE place to go for help with technology in ministry – recently wrote some helpful advice on developing a social media strategy for your ministry. First, check out the Introduction to creating a Social Media Strategy – it is filled with great questions you need to ask yourself before you craft a strategy. Then, be sure to check out their advice on developing a social media strategy on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Finally, you can check out ChurchMag’s own Social Media Strategy for further help developing your own.

Question: How does your youth ministry currently use social media?

(image via johanl)