Five Bible Reading Plans for 2012

Posted on December 23, 2011


As I said on Wednesday, it is important for youth pastors to have a grasp of the Bible as a whole. And the best way to get a big-picture grasp of the whole Bible is to read the whole Bible in a year. That said, here are my 5 recommendations for Bible reading plans for 2012:

5 Bible Reading plans for 2012

Produced by Tyndale House Publishers, The One Year Bible is one of the most popular Bible reading programs out there. I gave my wife a Bible that was reorganized specifically for this reading program. Each day you will read a portion from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. I would recommend this reading program to anyone – adult or student – that has never read through the Bible in a year.

I read through this plan last year (2010) and really enjoyed it. Each day you read at least 2 Old Testament chapters and 1 New Testament chapter. At the end of the year plan, you will have read the entire Old Testament once and both the New Testament and Psalms two times each.

This plan reverts the order of the Old Testament books back to the order they are found in the Hebrew Bible. I love the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) order and think this is a very interesting reading plan.

Created by George H. Guthrie, this reading plan focuses on the greater Biblical narrative. This plan is based on his book Reading God’s Story. I have his first book, Read the Bible for Life, which is a must read for any youth worker looking to challenge people on the importance of reading the Bible.

This is an intense plan! It involves reading 10 chapters a day from the Bible, for a total of 3660 chapters for 2012 (remember, it is a leap year). Tim Challies introduced me to this plan, and he has set up a Facebook group for everyone looking to read through this program this year. You can also look over a PDF description of the program.  This is the plan I will be following this year.
All of these reading plans – and many more – are available on YouVersion. I have loved using YouVersion for my Bible reading plans. It provides easy access to the day’s reading, a ton of different Bible translations, and instant sync to all devices/apps.

Question: Will you be reading through the Bible in 2012? What plan will you be using?