Using Evernote Hello in Youth Ministry

Posted on December 7, 2011


Evernote, the company behind the amazing memory app of the same name, is at it again. This morning, they announced a new free app for the iPhone: Evernote Hello. This free app is designed to help you remember new people, by storing their contact info, taking a picture of their face, and saving the location of where you first met.

I think Evernote Hellocould be helpful in youth ministry. Give a new student your iPhone and have them enter their name, contact info, and take photos. The data entry is slick, easy, and intuitive. The photo capture is simple, and allows the student to pose for 4 photos; this reminds me of the photo booth at the fair or boardwalk – they can use the 4 photos to pose in serious and silly poses. Then, back at your desk, you can pull up Evernote and find the student’s contact info and photos in a single note.

This is what Evernote Hello sends to your Evernote account

I have always wanted a streamlined, easy way to capture faces and contact info for new students; perhaps with Evernote Hello I have found that tool. Pick up this free app from the iOS App Store: Evernote Hello.