Keep Current on Christian Music with Christian Music Zine

Posted on November 25, 2011


The Christian music scene is as varied and diverse as the regular music scene. You have got the hardcore/screamo bands, the rock/alt bands, singer/songwriters, pop groups, gospel, and even country singers. While there are some Christian bands that receive widespread media coverage (see: Switchfoot), for the most part it is hard to get comprehensive media information about Christian bands – aside from each group’s website. Until now.

Christian Music Zine is a great website that provides tons of information about all types of Christian bands. On their website, you can find news about your favorite group, upcoming releases, reviews of the latest albums, and even free downloads. Just the other day I stumbled upon their post on how to get all the instrumental tracks from Daniel Bashta’s album “The Sound” – which I cannot recommend enough! They also have some great interviews – here’s hoping they can sit down with Lecrae someday!

Christian Music Zine is a good resource for keeping track of news in the Christian music realm. Be sure to subscribe to their RSS Feed, follow them on Twitter for up to the minute news, and check out the website.

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