How to Use Minute to Win It in Youth Ministry

Posted on November 18, 2011


I have always thought that Minute to Win It is a perfect show for youth pastors. It shows a variety of simple games that vary in degrees of difficulty. The games are easy to explain, use basic household products, and are short enough that you can cycle through contestants quickly. Plus, the games are hilarious to watch! All in all, this makes them a perfect fit for youth ministry.

Ideas for using Minute to Win It games in your ministry

  • Have a Minute to Win It Night. Have one night dedicated to Minute to Win It games. If you are a small group, you can have each student play each game. For larger groups, you can split into teams and have one person from each team play in a game. You can also play it like the game show and have a drawing for each game, with the rest of the students serve as the audience.
  • Watch the Videos. NBC hosts the slick computer-voiced instructional videos (called Blueprints) on the Minute to Win it website. Show each game’s video prior to the competition, so the participants can see what is happening.
  • Practice each game. I try to practice (and master) each game before students try. One week I didn’t do this, so I couldn’t give any helpful tips to the contestants. It wound up being a disaster, with no one even coming close to succeeding.
  • Use a Timer. Find a timer device, whether it is a clock, iPad app, or on the computer. Better yet, find one that counts down. This helps get the crowd involved as they count down the seconds.
  • Modify as Necessary. Sometimes the games don’t fit your group, your allotted time, or your space. So change them! I have modified the Minute to Win It games into team challenges, small group icebreakers, and up front games. I have also shortened and lengthened the times; most of our games are called “90 Second Challenges.” Adjust them so they fit your group.

Be sure to check out the big list of games on the Minute to Win It website.