Take a Day Off

Posted on November 9, 2011


Yesterday’s Simply Youth Ministry Today newsletter included a very important tip for anyone in ministry: Guard your day off. Authors Kurt Johnston and Josh Griffin provide some helpful tips on things to do with your time off, including reconnect with God and getting away from it all. What really impacted me, though, was the last paragraph, which I will quote in part below:

…often times a game-changing or potentially painful decision sits right in front of you and robs you of your passion and energy even on a day off. So just make the call! You might be surprised at the freedom and renewed excitement you feel once you get that out of the way.

Man, that is so good! Since my day off is Monday, it is so easy for me to hear about an issue on Sunday at church or youth group and push off the decision until Tuesday. Unfortunately, that means I will be thinking about that decision for a good portion of my day off. Instead, I should look to answer it on Sunday, thus giving me the relief that I need on my day off.

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