You Teach Me

Posted on October 26, 2011


This great idea was posted by Brian over at Rethinking Youth Ministry: have the students quickly study the passage and the teach the lesson to the youth leaders. Apparently the idea came from a youth worker named TJ, whose students have really stepped up their Bible study skills as a result. Here are some of the inherent advantages of this lesson format:

“It allow the learners to show you what they are already thinking, which portions of the text connect with them, and what questions are forming in their thoughts about the scripture’s context, language, and meaning.”(source)

I really like this idea, so long as you have the students that can handle a task like this. Hopefully there are some older students that have a basic grasp of hermeneutical principles, otherwise the observations and the entire lesson could go in an unprofitable direction. Perhaps having another youth leader there to help guide the observations and discussion at first would help a younger or inexperienced group.

Be sure to read the full post here: Rethinking Youth Ministry

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