Using Facebook Pages in Youth Ministry

Posted on October 21, 2011


Having a presence on Facebook is pretty much a must in youth ministry. It is where most students spend their free time talking to friends, sharing photos, and playing games. If you want to spread the word about your ministry, a specific event, or a topic, it should be on Facebook.

The guys at had a post listing some great additional use cases for a youth ministry Facebook page. Here are some of there suggestions:

1. Setting Up and Following Up Youth Group With A Video
2. Getting Game Contestants From Those Who Comment On Your Page’s Current Status
3. Allow Them to Decide A Part of Youth Group
4. Online Scavenger Hunt (source)

I especially resonated with point #1: I think Facebook is a great place to create and display media for students, so that you stay connected with them throughout the week. It has alread got me thinking about how I can further utilize the technology to fill in the weeklong gap between youth groups.

Make sure to read the whole article for even more helpful advice: Four Unique Ways of Using Facebook in Youth Ministry