Use Your Local Library

Posted on October 19, 2011


A city’s local library is typically the most underused public resource. Thousands of books, magazines, DVDs and other sources of information are freely available to any citizen, yet most people rarely enter through the doors. Here is some advice on how to take full advantage of your library’s resources:

Use Library as a Second Office
Youth workers can use a library as a second office – a comfortable place to do work and meet with students. Most libraries have plenty of space, large tables to use as a desk, and even conference rooms or meeting spaces. Invite students to join you after school to finish their homework as you work on lesson prep. Plus, many libraries have plenty of outlets and free wifi for your laptop.

Use Free Resources
The main purpose behind a local library is to provide free learning resources for the community. Use these resources to your advantage in ministry. Borrow a book before you purchase it. Use the library’s media resources (DVDs and CDs) as lesson illustrations. Browse through the magazine collection each month, noting issues on teen culture and issues.

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